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@ The Web Summit

*Haven’t been active on tumblr lately… Mainly because I have more pressing matters to attend to than to parody typical social media usage… But now I have some tumblr-doing to do, as is my duty as a member of the #WebSummit #LiveTeam*

Being the taste maker and internet celebrity that I am, it was only expected that an international convention-type thing would recruit me to live tweet for them, or whatever. So, I feel obliged to give the people of the internet the only thing they ever really wanted; an in character assessment of a convention thing from my perspective! 

Overly, I definitely had a time. Everyone was friendly, I pretty much had a free pass to an event that costs €995 I think) for other, less famous people, there was some free swag that I actively sought out and attained. There’s not much to complain about at all. Saw some cool talks and such and got to wear a neck-thing with my name on it: NEAT-O!

Of all the great stuff I saw, I have some favourites. I’d right about them, but any sensible person can easily just click a link and figure out instead(I’m lazy and in a hurry). So here are some links to my favourite things:




NEXED: Answerableshttp://nexed.com/answerables/

Sounds of Urban Lifehttp://soundsofurbanlife.com/

And some other stuff, that I’ve forgotten.
Of the talks, easily my two favourites were by Sam Lessin and Richard Rodger. They were great, you can use google if you want more information than I am supplying.

The Night Summit was cool as well. Free bars are great and Dyn are absolute bros for picking up the tab in the Mercantile.

But I’m going to complain about stuff as well, because that’s easier than being nice.

The wifi barely worked more than half of the time; when your job is to send tweets it’s sort of shit when you can’t get onto the internet. I couldn’t get any of my legenDary tweets out from some of the stages. I actually spent more time resending drafts than I did doing anything else.

Some of the companies just didn’t try: considering that they went out of their way to be involved in WebSummit, I think it’s near hilarious that some of the stalls didn’t attempt to grab people’s attention, didn’t assert themselves… I pretty much exclusive went to people who came to me first, I use the same tactic for picking up women. Unlike the latter, the former worked great and I’m shocked that people who are marketing just didn’t market, I guess.

The Food Summit: it was cool, don’t get me wrong, but it was setup in such a way that there was a wall of queues that you had to blindly choose from. What you got was a gamble really - especially for a socially awkward son of a gun like myself. Also, the food coupon things… No one collected them, whereas I managed to accrue a bizarre amount of them ahead of time - a pointless endevour altogether. 

I also managed to just not run into a single fellow live team member. Mainly this is another issue that occurred because of the wifi not working. I sort of regret not trying harder than I almost did to network amongst the #LiveTeam. Sort of.

On my way home, a pedestrian (more like plebdestrian) tries to overtake me on the footpath. What a fool, everyone knows that the Gribbler always comes first… Ladies ;)

I decided to do this blog, but by the time I did (right now) I had forgotten what  i intended to write. If you read this that’s great.

So there are some thoughts on the WebSummit. I’ve been The Gribbler.. Links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheGribblerO…
Tumblr: http://thegribblerofficial.tumblr.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/darygregg
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKYQvh-ATi62HA-G9H8q85Q
andcamp: thegribbler.bandcamp.com


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Another sneak peek of some gribbler-tastic aesthetics that are part of my thing which is part of this thing https://www.facebook.com/events/397529303682488/?fref=ts
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Me and these guys are cut from the same cloth. The purest of intellectuals, if only the rest of the world was as enlightened…

*tips fedora*

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"Birds. Astounding creatures. Aside from their abilities at flying and being secret dinosaurs I have always been fascinated by the fact that their urine and feces mix in the rectum forming a united, monochrome slurry that is forcibly expelled at sometimes great speeds."

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Only seven days….
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I just watched Antichrist. I can totally relate to their situation; wouldn’t have done a single thing differently.

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Still from “The Gribbler on Etymology: Episode 6” that will be showing at Pallas Projects Gallery in 13 days.